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The Nicole Nelson Band

What People Are Saying...
"Beautiful vocals... Dynamic live show... a must-see act!"
-Marina Mackel Brown, BET
"Nelson, 24, has this gorgeous, natural voice, deeply rooted and at the same time otherworldly."
-Boston Globe
"Nicole has got it!"
-Richard Rosenblatt, Presedent Tone-Cool Records 

"Nelson's fine blend of blues and R&B go down as smooth as an IPA!" -Ted Drozdawski, The Boston Phoenix

"Fronted by 23 year old Nelson- a singer whose experienced delivery belies her young age- the band is rocketing onto the national blues scene"
-Mai Cramer, WGBH "Blues After Hours"

"The crowd first stood in amazement and then cheered wildly when they heard Nicole's strong rich vocals. The judges proceeded to give her one of the highest combined scores ever in the 17 year history of the battle"
-Mary M. Mena, Boston Blues News

"Wow ...This is one young lady with a very bright future!"
-Holly Harris, WBOS "Blues on Sunday"

"The Nicole Nelson Band gave chills... a '10' doesn't do her justice".
-Boston Herald July 19, 2001

"Boston's riveting rhythm & blues star, Nicole Nelson, belts out a jumpin' blues, then softly sings a serenade with such a seductive voice that her audience becomes spellbound... mesmerizing as she slowly builds her song with a
strength that grabs a hold, and wont let go!"
-Jay Place, Boston Blues Magazine

"Every once in a while, a singer comes along that makes even the most jaded fan stop and listen. Nicole Nelson, this year's winner of The 17th Annual Harper's Ferry Battle of the Bands, has all the tools to be just that singer.
-RH Pelletier, Blues 4 You

"A performer like Nicole only comes along once every 20 years.... she will make waves in this industry".
-K.D.Bell, Mercury recording artist